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Tykarah means warrior princess caught in the heat of battle. Tykarah is a 20 year old sometimes obnoxious, usually sweet woodland nymph who's stuck in the middle of Baltimore. My blog is dedicated to all things magikal, African spirituality, college life, and my personal adventures.


Laverne through the years.

Goodbye Baltimore :-) see you in a week.

Goodbye Baltimore :-) see you in a week.


I hate the way Black dance is described as vernacular. Breakdancing has a long and powerful tradition, from Afro-Brazilian capoeira to Mucope N’golo from Angola. Not all Black women’s dances are calling their husbands back from war or to inspire copulation. Josephine Baker, twerking, wining, The…


I have noticed many posts on my dash related to anxiety.

Today I want to share a few posts I have gathered for working with students to help cope with anxiety and stress.

Since I have been collecting these, some of the links to the sources are now broken websites.

Hope these are helpful!



Some snippets from all the truth being spoken in the #WhatIsBlackPrivilege hashtag on Twitter right now


by beloved Michelle Denise Jackson :) honored to be on a list with so many people i love